Our Girls


National/International Champion 

"Camera Ready of Baby Face Biewers"

Gracie was born September 1, 2013

She is registered with BBIR.

Gracie also won her Sr Puppy National/International Championship. 

She has complete puppy and dog obedience classe

Thank you Heather Howard for giving me the chance to love this sweet girl.


National/International Champion

"Butterfly's Jaycee Full of High Inspiration"

She was born August 8, 2015.

Jaycee is registered with the BBIR. 

She also won her Ba, Jr, Sr Puppy International/National Chamionship.

Jaycee is always ready to go, I just open my carrier and she jumps right in.

Thank you Teresa Harrison for believing in me.

Jaycee is such a joy!


National/International Champion

"Bizzie Being Fabulous of Pure Delight Biewers"

She was born September 18, 2016.

Bizzie is registered with the BBIR.

She also won Ba, Jr, Sr Puppy Championships.

Bizzie is one of our bred bys. Her parents are Miracle and Gracie.

Bizzie is definitely always busy, living up to her name Busy and Fabulous.

She is a Pure Delight!


National/International Ba, Jr, Sr Puppy Champion

"Butterfly's Portrait of Perfection"

She  was born December 30, 2016.

Paige is registered with the BBIR.

She has won Ba, Jr, Sr Puppy National/inernational Championships. I can't wait to see how she does this year!

We are extremely excited to have this little beauty.

Thank you Teresa Harrison, Paige everything and more!


Maddie born was Apirl 8, 2007

Maddie is a little traveler she has been from the East to the West coast, loves everything but the beach! 

She has mended our broken hearts so many times.

Maddie is our Sweet  Angel.


"Dolly's Coat of Many Colors of Pure Delight's"

She was born April 17, 2018

Dolly is registered with BBIR.

Dolly is one of our bred by. Her parents are HRH Prince Harry of Butterfly Biewers  and our Gracie.

We aer so excited to watch  this pretty little girl grow!