Our Boys


National/International Champion

"Serenity's Change the World"

Miracle was born April 7,2014.

Miracle also received his Jr. and Sr. National/International Championships. He is registered with the BBIR.

Thank you Stormy Hayes for this handsome boy. We just love him!


National/International Champion

"Admiral Halsey of Pure Delight Biewers"

Admiral is from our "A" litter. 

He was born August 9, 2015.

Admiral is registered with BBIR.

Admiral is Terry' Co-pilet and best buddy!


National/International Champion

"Under the August Moon of Pure Delight Biewers"

August is from our "A" litter.

August is registered with the BBIR.

He was born August 9,2015.

August is such a sweet boy. he has won our heart!


National/International Jr. Puppy Champion

"Travis Wonder of the World"

He was born June 22, 2017

Travis is registered with the BBIR.

Thank you Anna Grzankowska for let us add this beautiful little guy to our family, We are in love with him!