How do you pronounce BIEWER?

Biewer here in the states is pronounced "Beeva like Diva"

Fun Fact: The ACH (Allgemeiner Club der Hundefreunde Deutschland e.v.) was the first club to accept Biewers as a distinct and separte breed. The dogs were registered as Biewer Yorkshire a'la Pom Pon.

The phrase "a'la Pom Pon" is French and translates "a tassel or colorful ball of yarn". which describes  the Biewer puppy hair perfectly!

The Internatioal All Breed Canine Association, also know as the IABCA. IABCA was the first show venue here in the States to allow entry to the Biewer in June 2003.

What kind of dog is that?

             Is it a Parti Yorkie with a long tail?

Although the Biewer breed originated from to Yorkshire Terriers, Mr. and Mrs. Biewer  through selective breeding, reproduce the signature head pieces with all three colors, blue/black, white, gold in good symmetry. 

The belly, chest, legs, and tip of tail are characteristically white and silky. the tail meant to be full. the back colored blue/black with white in it. 

Where did Biewers originate from?

Hunsrusk, Germany in 1984.  The two Yorkshire Terriers that produced the first Biewer originated from the Streamglen Kennel. "Darling von Friedheck" and" Fru Fru von Friedheck" they were blue and tan. First Biewers name was "Schneeflocken von Friedheck" born January 1984.

Why did my puppy's coat color change?

Your puppy's coat color is going to change! 

As a breeder i can not guarantee what colors stay or change. Some heads will go from black with a little gold, to all gold or change to gold, black, silver. It's body may change too! The black may stay black or have white ticking or even change to Blue (silver). The white may stay white or have ticking of black or silver. it is hard to predict how they will change. 

Why do Biewer cost so much?

Buying a quality puppy from reputable breeder is not cheap. 

We all want a deal, but we all know you get what you pay for. A poorly bred puppy may cost more in veterinary bills later.

Their are several reasons why the price of a puppy from a good breeder is more!

A top breeder has the best veterinarian care. Many breeders spend thousands and thousands of dollars a year on vet care. Yearly health exams, health test, emergency care, blood work, dental cleanings, pre-natal exams, pregnancy x-rays, emergency c-sections, vaccinations, each puppy is seen at lest 3 times.

Not to mention the money  that goes  into top-notch breeding stock, high quality diet, all the supplies needed to keep and care for their kennel, Hours and hours spent caring for the dogs and pups. A good breeder spares no expense or time!

I personally only breed my girls once a year. I carefully screen potential buyers to ensure my puppies are placed in only the best loving homes. I am available before and after puppies go home with their new family.

This is a passion for me. I will never become rich from breeding, most likely never break even. 

 I love this breed, my hope is to in-better the breed with my practice and to share the love!