About Us


Welcome to Pure Delight Biewers

Hello, my name is Shawn Brown. My husband and I live in southwest lower Michigan. We have 5 grown childern and 5 Grandchildern. 

I came across this Beautiful breed "BIEWERS" when we found out our beloved Aussie, Aubree Rose had mammary gland cancer that had speard to her lungs. Aubree had always welcomed our other fur kids into our home. She looked after them and showed them the ropes, mostly kept them in line. Although we loved her whole heartedly, her hair we could do without. So after researching the Biewer breed, I found out, not only do they have a non shedding fabulous tri-colord silky coat, but Biewers have a amazing loving disposition. A great little companion. Exactly what we were wanted to add to our family.

Aubree lived 5 months, just long enough to meet our Gracie. 

We have a saying ... Don't cry because it ended, Smile because it happened.

We have wonderful memories of Aubree that always make us smile.


Small Hobby Show/Breeder

At Pure Delight Biewers, we are committed to breeding based on the original breed standard set forth by Mr. and Mrs. Biewer. We breed only Biewer to Biewer. I hope to promote, preserve and protect the pure-bred Biewer, with health at the foremost importance. 


Our Mission

Is to breed, Healthy, happy, well socialized and delightfully spoiled Biewer Babies.

Each puppy will be checked by our Veterinarian and will go to their forever loving home with a health guarantee.  I carefully screen potential buyers to ensure my puppies are placed in only the best loving homes. I am available before and after puppies go home with their new family. 

I love this breed. My hope is to in-better the breed with my practice.

At Pure Delight Biewers, we believe in sharing the BIEWER Love.